Doctor Who Parents Guide: Is it appropriate for kids?


Doctor Who Parents Guide

Worried about your kid? Which series is good for your kid? To know more details about Doctor Who Parents Guide just read the full article and it will help you to know about the series age rating. What’s the age rating of the series?  When it will be released and what’s the actual meaning of Doctor Who age rating?


Doctor Who is a British science fiction television series, Created by Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, and Donald Wilson.

Production companies are BBC Studios and Bad Wolf. Distributed by BBC One.


Official Image of Series

Doctor Who Parents Guide And Age Rating 2023
Doctor Who Parents Guide And Age Rating 2023

Series Name – Doctor Who
Creator – Donald Wilson

Age Rating – TV-PG

Aspect ratio -16:9 HD
Also known as – Bác Sĩ Vô Danh
Language – English

Tips for Parents Guides | Doctor Who Parents Guide

  • Always look for the age classification in the Movie and Series.
  • Try to look for a summary or review of the movie and TV series.
  • Don’t let your kids watch movies first, it may not be good. Either you watch the movie and explain to your kid why it is not good for them.
  • Agree on the amount of time that can be spent watching movies/series.
  • Encourage your children to take regular breaks.
  • Ask your kids to watch a movie/series with you.

How long is the series Doctor Who?

The Series, Doctor Who Runtime is 45 minutes.

When did Doctor Who premiere?

March 17, 2006

Doctor Who Series Age Rating & Content Info

Please Note: We have not viewed this series  The information below is a summary based on data gathered from government and industry-sponsored film classification agencies in various global regions.

Why is Doctor Who rated TV-PG

The series, Doctor Who Age Rating is TV-PG.

Synopsis of the Series Doctor Who  

The Doctor, a Time Lord from the race whose home planet is Gallifrey, travels through time and space in their ship the TARDIS (an acronym for Time and Relative Dimension In Space) with numerous companions. From time to time, the Doctor regenerates into a new form.


The series, Doctor Who includes:-

  • No Nudity
  • No violence
  • No Sexual reference 
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Smoking
  • No Bloody content
  • Doctor Who Parents Guide For Their Kids.

What’s the Meaning of the TV-PG Age Rating?

TV-PG Age Rating Meaning

This program contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children. Parental guidance is recommended.

The series, Doctor Who has 185 episodes in 15 seasons.

212 episodes

The official picture & the trailer

Doctor Who Parents Guide And Age Rating 2023
Doctor Who Parents Guide And Age Rating 2023

Who is in the cast of Doctor Who?

  • Matt Smith as The Doctor
  • David Tennant as The Doctor
  • Peter Capaldi as The Doctor
  • Nicholas Briggs as Daleks
  • Jon Davey as Cyberman
  • Jenna Coleman as Clara
  • Paul Kasey as Ood Sigma
  • Karen Gillan as Amy Pond
  • Billie Piper as Rose Tyler
  • Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor
  • Mandip Gill as Yasmin Khan
  • Arthur Darvill as Rory
  • Simon Carew as Cyberman
  • Tosin Cole as Ryan Sinclair
  • Ruari Mears as Cyberman
  • Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Who
  • Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones
  • Barnaby Edwards as Dalek Operator
  • Matthew Rohman as Cyberman
  • Catherine Tate as Donna Noble
  • Alex Kingston as River Song
  • Richard Highgate as Dalek
  • Mickey Lewis as Dalek Operator
  • Matt Lucas as Nardole
  • Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler
  • Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith
  • Nicholas Pegg as Dalek Operator
  • Michelle Gomez as Missy
  • Pearl Mackie as Bill
  • John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness
  • Barbara Fadden as Silurian Warrior

These age ratings provide guidance to consumers, parents, in particular, to help them to decide Which movie/series is good or not for their kids. Age ratings are systems used to ensure that entertainment content, such as games, but also films, TV shows, and Series, is clearly labeled with a minimum age recommendation based on the content they have.

You can also help us and other parents by commenting on our Comment box. we are always ready to welcome you. 


Doctor Who 2023

Director-Sydney Newman.
Distributor-BBC One.

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