The Five Juanas (TV-Series 2021)


The Five Juanas

Created by -Pepe Castro, Rodrigo Ugalde De Haene

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The Five Juanas Parents Guide

Worried about your kid? which is good for your kid?. To know more details about The Five Juanas Parents Guide just read the full article and it will help you to know about The Five Juanas age rating. The article includes. What’s the age rating of the Series? When it will be released and what’s the actual meaning of the age rating. The Five Juanas Parents Guide.


The Five Juanas (La Venganza de las Juanas) is an upcoming Mexican drama television series written by Jimena Romero. Directed by Pepe Castro, Rodrigo Ugalde De Haene. Distributed by Netflix.

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The Five Juanas Parents Guide | The Five Juanas Series Rating 2021
The Five Juanas Parents Guide | The Five Juanas Series Rating 2021

Series Name – The Five Juanas
Genre – Drama
Directed by – Pepe Castro, Rodrigo Ugalde De Haene
Age Rating –TV-MA
Episodes – 17
Season – 1
 Release date – 06 October 2021
Official Network Netflix

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Runtime for the series The Five Juanas

The Series, The Five Juanas Runtime is 33–49 minutes.

The Five Juanas Series Age Rating & Content Info

Please Note: We have not viewed this series. The information below is a summary based on data gathered from industry-sponsored series and film classification agencies in various global regions.

As the Series does not release yet, so age rating is also not available yet, but whenever it will release we will surely update you here.

Synopsis of the Series The Five Juanas

Five women with the same birthmark set out to unravel the truth about their pasts and discover a tragic web of lies spun by a powerful politician.

Episode 1

At a hotel in Cancun, five women from different walks of life discover they share the same birthmark and the same name: Juana.

Episode 2


The Juanas take a DNA test to discover if they are related. Manny receives an unexpected visitor. Federico and Valentina meet again.

Episode 3

Valentina investigates a lead that connects Juanas’s mother. Manny and Federico plan a surprise for their moms. Bautista digs into her past.

Episode 4

A surge of new feelings makes Caridad question her calling to be a nun. Matilde rushes to a decision with Pocho. Manny plans a meeting with Simón.

Episode 5

Simón’s candidacy for Justice Minister is announced. Caridad becomes suspicious of her mother’s treatment. Bautista moves in with Valentina.

Episode 6

Caridad has an eventful night outside the convent. After Manny reveals a secret about their origins to the Juanas, Valentina must face a painful truth.

Episode 7

The Juanas start planning an elaborate vendetta and decide to integrate Susana into their scheme. Simón has nightmares about his past.

Episode 8

Simón questions Susana’s story about Manny. Federico demands an explanation from Valentina. Matilde’s relationship with Pocho hits a breaking point.


Episode 9

Caridad gets her mom out of the hospital. Valentina makes a bold move at Simon’s speech, and the Juanas torment him with memories of his crimes.

Episode 10

Daniel comes clean with Matilde. As the truth about Simón reaches more people, his world starts falling apart only days before his appointment.

Episode 11

The Juanas are divided on whether to accept Rogelio’s gift until they are forced to make a choice. Ignacio becomes suspicious of his brother’s death.

Episode 12

A tragedy leaves Caridad heartbroken. Bautista focuses on unraveling a vision about Alice. The Juanas attend the inauguration of Federico’s company.

Episode 13

Lorenzo discovers something about Andrade. Valentina’s search for Ana takes an unexpected turn. Manny asks Rogelio for money to start a business.

Episode 14

After manipulating Valentina into going to the police, Rogelio causes a rift between the Juanas. Bautista discovers the truth about Rogelio’s ring.

Episode 15

Lorenzo helps Jordi decipher a cryptic message he received from Ana. Bautista tries to warn her sisters about Rogelio’s real intentions.

Episode 16

Bautista finds herself in a critical situation. Matilde continues to work with the music producer in secret. Valentina sets up a meeting with Federico

Episode 17


Bautista teams up with Ana to escape. Ignacio learns an explosive truth. To finish them off, Rogelio exposes some of Juana’s deepest secrets.

The Series The Five Juanas is Include:-

  • Violence
  • Strong sexual references
  • Alcohol used
  • Strong Nudity and kissing scenes
  • Some Bloody Content
  • Profanity used

  • Language Throughout
  • Use of Weapon
  • A car crashed
  • The Five Juanas Parents guide

What’s the Meaning of the TV-MA Age Rating?

TV-MA Age Rating Meaning

TV Mature Audience Only This program is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17. Content Ratings Content Ratings are shown just below the program rating.

Official details of The Five Juanas

The series, The Five Juanas has 17 episodes from 1 season.

Official picture & the trailer of The Five Juanas

The Five Juanas Parents Guide | The Five Juanas Series Rating 2021
The Five Juanas Parents Guide | The Five Juanas Series Rating 2021

Who is in the cast of The Five Juanas?

  • Juanita Arias as Juana Matilde
  • Sofia Engberg as Juana Bautista
  • Oka Giner as Juana Caridad
  • Renata Notni as Juana Valentina
  • Zuria Vega as Juana Manuela

These age ratings we guide consumers, parents, in particular, to help them to decide whether Which /series is good or not for their kids. and Age ratings are systems used to ensure that entertainment content, such as games, but also films, tv shows, and Series, is clearly labeled with a minimum age recommendation based on the content they have.

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