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Frank and Penelope Parents Guide

Worried about your kid? which movie is good for your kid?. To know more details about the Frank and Penelope Parents Guide movie just read the full article and it will help you to know about movie age rating. The article includes. What’s the age rating of the movie? When it will be released and what’s the actual meaning of the age rating. Frank and Penelope Parents Guide.


Frank and Penelope is a 2022 American romantic crime film written and directed by Sean Patrick Flanery

Production companies are Dolezal Pictures and Redbud Studios. Distributed by Fabrication Films, Redbud Studios.


Official Image of Movie 

Frank and Penelope Parents Guide | Filmy Rating 2022
Frank and Penelope Parents Guide | Filmy Rating 2022

  Movie Name – Frank and Penelope
Directed by – Sean Patrick Flanery
Age Rating – R
Release Date – June 3, 2022 (United States)
Country of origin – United State

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Tips for Parents Guides | Frank and Penelope Age Rating

  • Always look for the age classification on the Movie and Series.
  • Try to look for a summary or review of the movie and TV-Series.
  • Don’t let your kids watch movies first, it may not good. Either you watch the movie and explain to your kid why it is not good for them.
  • Agree on the amount of time that can be spent watching movies.
  • Encourage your children to take regular breaks.
  • Ask your kids to watch a movie/series with you.

The runtime of the movie 

The movie, Frank and Penelope runtime, is 1h 30min.

Frank and Penelope Movie Age Rating & Content Info

Please Note: We have not viewed this movie. The information below is a summary based on data gathered from government and industry-sponsored film classification agencies in various global regions.

Frank and Penelope Age Rating is R for strong violent content, sexual content, brief nudity, language throughout, sexual assault, and some drug use.

The tagline of the movie

In a savage land, even the lawless deserve salvation.

Synopsis of the Movie Frank and Penelope  

In the spirit of THELMA and LOUISE and TRUE ROMANCE comes FRANK and PENELOPE, a once in a lifetime love story that stretches across the scorching east Texas blacktop when a man, Frank, on his emotional last legs finds his savior and soulmate, Penelope, seductively dancing on a wobbly brass pole in a run-down strip club.


And, a life most certainly headed off a cliff is redirected by the type of love that most call mad. But, unwinding each other’s troubled life threads creates knots that threaten to strangle the place where all the veins meet when they sit down at a charismatic, sin-eating cult leader’s truth table and unpack each other’s cluttered closets.

And, deciding what to run from and what to run to becomes a bloody battle between life and love in their newfound world in which EVERYTHING is now worth dying for.

The movie, Frank and Penelope, includes:-

  • Use of profanity
  • Violence
  • Combats
  • Mild Nudity
  • Sexual Reference
  • Mild bloody content
  • Kissing scene
  • Weapon uses
  • Frank and Penelope Parents Guide For their Kids.

What’s the Meaning of the R Age Rating?

R Age Rating Meaning

 Restricted, Children Under 17 Require Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian. This rating means the film contains adult material such as adult activity, harsh language, intense graphic violence, drug abuse, and nudity.

Release date of Frank and Penelope movie

The movie, Frank, and Penelope is released on June 9, 2022 (United States).

Official picture & the trailer

Frank and Penelope Parents Guide | Filmy Rating 2022
Frank and Penelope Parents Guide | Filmy Rating 2022

Who is in the cast of Frank and Penelope?

  • Caylee Cowan as Penelope
  • Billy Budinich as Frank
  • Kevin Dillon as Sheriff
  • Donna D’Errico as Mabel
  • Johnathon Schaech as Chisos
  • Lin Shaye as Ophelia
  • Sean Patrick Flanery as Club Manager
  • Charley Koontz as Cookie
  • Sonya Eddy as Nurse
  • Sydney Scotia as Molly
  • Mike Bash as Chad
  • Brian Maillard as Cleve
  • Jade Lorna Sullivan as Magda
  • Cherilyn Wilson as Becky
  • Raymond Abel as Orderly

These age ratings provide guidance to consumers, parents, in particular, to help them to decide whether Which movie is good or not for their kids. and Age ratings are systems used to ensure that entertainment content, such as games, but also films, tv shows, and Series, is clearly labeled with a minimum age recommendation based on the content they have.

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Frank and Penelope

Director - Sean Patrick Flanery
Distributor-Redbud Studios

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