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Love in Kilnerry Parents Guide

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Love in Kilnerry is an upcoming American romance comedy film written and directed by Daniel Keith.

Produced by Daniel Keith, Courtney Bissonette, and Mary Dougherty.

The production company: Archway Pictures.


Distributed by Mutiny Pictures, Archway Pictures.

Official Image of Movie

Love in Kilnerry Parents Guide | Filmy Rating 2019
Love in Kilnerry Parents Guide | Filmy Rating 2019

Movie Name – Love in Kilnerry
Directed by – 
Daniel Keith

Age Rating – Not Rated Yet
April 22, 2022
Also known as – Любовь в Килнерри
Official Fackbook site- Love in Kilnerry

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The runtime of the Movie

The Movie, Love in Kilnerry runtime, is 1hr 40mints.

Love in Kilnerry Movie Age Rating & Content Info

Please Note: We have not viewed this movie. The information below is a summary based on data gathered from government and industry-sponsored film classification agencies in various global regions.

As the Movie does not release yet, so age rating is also not available yet, but whenever it will release we will surely update you here.

The tagline of the movie 

Let a little debauchery into your heart

Synopsis of the Movie Love in Kilnerry

The little sluggish far-off town of Kilnerry battles as a large portion of the occupants are old and the more youthful ones will be moving out to pursue a college degree soon. Whenever an agent from the EPA visits the town’s quarterly municipal event to let them know their substance plant has been contaminating the waters and making harmful fish, they gain proficiency with another compulsory interaction, called P172, which should be adjusted by the plant. In any case, there is one little incidental effect. When presented to P172, guinea pigs have shown a sensational expansion in sexual moxie.


The inhabitant’s frenzy and confusion follow. The sheriff battles to keep everything under control throughout the next months as disorder and anarchy follow; a horrendous blowout endeavor, profane openness, the minister turns into a nudist to be nearer to God, and a portion of the more frail occupants contend in a dance rivalry with a ribald presentation.

Similarly, as the sheriff has arrived at his limit with an end goal to control everybody and hold the town back from changing, the EPA gets back to illuminate them that they found the rodents had been utilized in a past pheromone test and that P172 makes no side impacts.

Tormented with culpability, they understand that by thinking they had no control, they figured out how to open up, acknowledge others, laugh in the face of any potential risk and live once more, and experience passionate feelings. The sheriff is confronted with his activities and apologizes to the town. The inhabitants proceed to embrace another life and make new fates.

The Movie, Love in Kilnerry includes:-

  • No Blood Content
  • Mild use of alcohol
  • No violence
  • language throughout
  • Use of profanity
  • Half Male nudity
  • Lots of comedy 
  • Love in Kilnerry Parents Guide For their Kids.

The release date of Love in Kilnerry movie

The Movie, Love in Kilnerry, is scheduled to be released on April 22, 2022.

Official picture & the trailer

Love in Kilnerry Parents Guide | Filmy Rating 2019
Love in Kilnerry Parents Guide | Filmy Rating 2019

Who is in the cast of Love in Kilnerry?

  • Daniel Keith as Gary O’Reilly
  • Kathy Searle as Nessa Ward
  • Roger Hendricks Simon as Fergal O’Reilly
  • James Patrick Nelson as Father Wesley O’Dell
  • Debargo Sanyal as Rakesh Nibhanupudi
  • Tony Triano as Jerry Boylan
  • Sybil Lines as Aednat McLaughlin
  • Sheila Stasack as Brigid Kerry
  • Jeremy Fernandez as Stevie Ward
  • Lawrence R Leritz as Deputy Rory
  • Addison LeMay as Ed
  • Leon Morgan as Eric, plant worker
  • Nathan Wallace as James
  • Bari Hyman as Carol Davies
  • Franklin Kavaler as Jim Davies
  • Scott Watson as Peter Donahue
  • Alicia Harding as Lisa Donahue

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Love in Kilnerry

Created by-Daniel Keith
Distributor-Mutiny Pictures

  • Love in Kilnerry
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